A Tainan Recycling Company has chosen Nian Hung’s Sorting Technology to be the New Major Part of its PET Bottles Recycling Production Line.


A Tainan Recycling Company has chosen Nian Hung’s Sorting Technology to be the New Major Part of its PET Bottles Recycling Production Line.

Based on the concept of green economy, the two sides have established a consensus on cooperation

"Not only does Nian Hung team obtains rich design experience on magnetic separtor machine, but also professional service. We are grateful that Nian Hung provides solutions to our company and hence increase processing capacity." praised by XXX Corporation. Established in 2008, this PET bottle recycling leading company is located in Tainan Industrial Park. The company hopes to use the value of recycling to increase people's willingness to sort PET bottles and reduce secondary environmental pollution. At the same time, Nian Hung also upholds the spirit of "prolonging life" and wish to leverage our magnet separation equipment expertise to cooperate with related companies and fulfill the mission of peaceful coexistence with the Mother Nature. The partnership opportunity for the two corporations started ...

Bring high efficiency non-ferrous metal solutions and quality magnetic separtor machine to the PET bottle recycling industry

For the PET bottle recycling industry, providing high-purity PET bottle flakes as renewable raw materials is a key factor. However, the recycling classification in Taiwan is not precise. Iron cans, aluminum cans and other sundries of different sizes were often found in the recycling PET bottles. When all materials pass through the crushing system, they become countless fine metals that are difficult to sort, which greatly reduces commercial benefits. This recycling company also suffer from this issue. Their China-imported Eddy Current Separator used to separate non-ferrous metals was also seriously damaged due to the small iron pieces in the raw materials. Its production capacity was greatly affected.

The story begins with a maintenance task for an eddy current sorting

Recommended by other business partner, the Director learned that Nian Hung is the only corporate in Taiwan capable to manufacture Eddy Current. Therefore, he asked Nian Hung to assist in the maintenance of eddy currents. Despite facing of unfamiliar designs, Nian Hung technical team still completed the repair project with the most professional speed. What is more, in order to prevent the same situation, we planned a new Vertical Magnetic Separator, with stainless casing, at the beginning of its production line. The Vertical Magnetic Separator can effectively sort out fine iron metals. The rust-proof stainless cast protects the internal mechanical core. With the aid of vibration feeder, the throughput can be increased up to 5 tons per hour. The customer stated that the new invested machinery is stable and distinguished. It ensures the service status of Eddy Current Separator, increases the process capacity; moreover, it discovers valuable metals from the raw material and improves the purity of the PET flakes. These benefits motivate us to extend further cooperation with Nian Hung who would become the reliable sources for our company’s production.

The two corporates who share the same philosophy work together for better environmental resource recovery.