Core technology

Achieve multiple applications of magnetic sorting machine

Extend Life Cycle. Peaceful Coexistence With The Earth. Due to rising world population and the decrease in our resources, turn waste into resources is how the future revolution begins. From using resources, stewarding resources to environmental recycling resources, we keep them in a cycle and develop sustainably.

Sortinger Magnetic Separation Industrial continuously establish innovate sorting solutions to new segments to meet our customer’s needs on magnetic sorting machine. Those include food, recycling, coal, mining, metal working, packaging, pharmaceutical, plastics & rubber, textiles &wood, paper & pulp.

magnetic sorting machine plant line
Industrial application

Industrial application

Nianhung Magnetics has been designing and manufacturing magnets and magnetic separator since 1984. With accumulated more than 30 years of customer service experience, nowadays we are the largest and most professional leader company in magnetic separation related equipment in Taiwan.

Almost all industries might have magnetic or magnetic sorting needs, so the customers we serve across all industries, such as food, chemical, feed, rubber and plastic, sand and stone, coal, slag, glass, construction, resource recovery and 3C products ..etc. You can see traces of Nianhung's service throughout Taiwan.

R&D design

R&D design

Nianhung's main products can be divided into two types: magnetic sorting machine and peripheral equipment. Magnetic sorting equipment such as magnetic box, various types of magnetic separators, eddy current separator, stainless –steel sorting machine, electrostatic separator, etc. Peripheral equipment such as: vibrating feeder, particle size screener, conveyor , etc. NianHung deeply knows that each customer has different material characteristics and different on-site environments, so the equipment requirements are also different. We have hired a large number of engineers with practical experience to tailor a suitable machine for customers, just like making a suit, exclusive to you.


Service Items

Total Solutions

Total Solutions

Automated recycling<br />sorting equipment

Automated recycling
sorting equipment

More convenient<br />and efficient sorting

More convenient
and efficient sorting

Reduce Labor Cost

Reduce Labor Cost


Materials Test

Sortinger provides customers with material testing services. There is a complete testing center at our plants. Our design group would further discuss customized planning according to clients’ factory size or material characteristics, to ensure the best and the most suitable solutions for their materials.

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