Turn waste into energy! EPA combines Finland and private forces to promote solid renewable fuels


Turn waste into energy! EPA combines Finland and private forces to promote solid renewable fuels

In order to promote "Solid Recovered Fuel" (SRF), the Environmental Protection Agency held a press conference on "Solid Recovered Fuel Conversion from Waste to Energy" at the Taipei International Convention Center today (27th). Representatives of Chu Migao and other industries, officials, academia and research circles attended and showed their determination to promote. The Environmental Protection Agency promotes the waste-to-fuel policy, which can solve high-calorific-value waste disposal and reduce fossil raw materials and fuel extraction. Taking power generation as an example, the power generation efficiency of waste in an incinerator is only about 20%. If it is manufactured into SRF and burned in a dedicated incinerator for power generation, the power generation efficiency can be higher than 30%, which is more energy and economical.

SRF is recycled and converted from non-hazardous and combustible materials such as plastics and biomass (such as waste paper, wood and other lignocellulosic wastes), with low environmental impact, low fuel cost, and can be applied to high energy efficiency boilers and combustion Facilities and other three major advantages, compared with coal, SRF as a fuel can achieve more carbon reduction effect. In addition, the separation of combustible waste into SRF can be used as industrial boiler fuel, which can also reduce the load of existing incinerators. Therefore, the Environmental Protection Agency formulated the "Technical Guidelines and Quality Specifications for Solid Recycled Fuel Manufacturing" to ensure the quality of SRF, and simultaneously set the "Waste Fuelization Promotion Target". It has reached 470,000 metric tons, increasing the amount of waste fueled in my country year by year.

At present, my country's SRF industry is mainly based on paper industry, textile industry and cement industry. In addition to experts such as Ling Yunsheng, head of the Industrial Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Wan Haopeng, deputy director of the Institute of Green Energy, Industrial Technology Research Institute, Dr. Zhang Jiaji from Taiwan Biomass Technology Development Association, and Professor Zhang Qiongfen from Tunghai University, the press conference also invited Ji Yongfengyu, Zhenglong, Representatives of companies such as Guangyuan Paper, Daqing Environmental Protection, and Lipeng have joined the promotion team to participate, showing their determination to promote.

At present, the domestic SRF industry includes production source, manufacturing end, use facilities (boiler/power plant) and derivative ash and slag recycling institutions, creating a SRF industry supply chain and creating business opportunities. Paper industry such as Yongfengyu, Zhenglong, Guangyuan Company, textile industry such as Lili Company, and cement industry such as Taiwan Cement Company, etc., their original industries originally have high calorific value combustible waste and boiler demand, or have cement kiln and It is convenient to reuse the ash after combustion. In addition to self-use, there are also professional SRF manufacturers. For example, Daqing Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. imported SRF waste treatment equipment from Finland’s BMH Technology Co., Ltd., Longshun Green Energy, Wanji Technology, Yongmao Environmental Technology, etc., linking Taiwan Auto Electric and Dayuan Auto. Electricity companies and other businesses are also feasible cases.

The Environmental Protection Agency stated that in order to increase the willingness of domestic industry to use SRF as fuel, it will actively promote incentive measures such as ash reuse and industrial use of renewable energy. and an industrial environment that reduces environmental impact.

Article reprint: Environmental protection news area of the Environmental Protection Agency, Executive Yuan

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