Hualien city piles up 8,000 tons of garbage with nowhere to go


Hualien city piles up 8,000 tons of garbage with nowhere to go

Hualien County's garbage is facing the question of where to go in the future. The Hualien County Environmental Protection Bureau used to pack it and temporarily store it in the open air. Currently, it has accumulated about 8,000 tons.

Hualien County Environmental Protection Bureau said , Hualien County has about 130 tons of garbage a day, of which 100 tons are sent to Yilan Lize for incineration, and the remaining 30 tons are packed. The so-called packaging is to compress the garbage into a cubic meter size under high pressure, so that it will not leak, smell or ferment.

The principle of the baler is based on the principle of "rolling, pressing and wrapping". It is composed of three structures of rolling machine, packing table, conveying device and computer control system, which is a fully automatic operation system. Several counties and cities in Taiwan are also facing the problem of garbage, which is handled by packaging.

The garbage packing operation replaces the traditional manual operation by mechanical means. After the garbage temporarily placed in the landfill is shredded, particle size screened, air-sorted and magnetically separated, the combustible waste is packed with a high-efficiency automatic packing machine and fixed with a plastic film. It is estimated that the waste can be reduced by 10%, and the volume can be reduced by 30%.

In the future, it will be sent to incineration or burial, the Environmental Protection Agency said, but packaging is not done once and for all. It is only temporarily packaged and sealed for storage. The future treatment methods will be sent to incineration or buried.
Incineration treatment, apart from transporting it to the Lize incinerator, there is no second place for incineration. In the past, although TCC was willing to incinerate, it is only at the planning stage. If Lize does not accept and TCC does not burn, only Find other landfills for burial, but the location of the landfill and whether it affects the environment is a very sensitive public issue.
Lize incinerator repaired in February, allowed to continue to collect garbage

Lize Incinerator this year In February, it will be a year old repair, do you not accept the garbage from Hualien? The Environmental Protection Bureau said that it has coordinated with Lize and will continue to collect waste from Hualien for incineration during the annual repair period.
Domestic handling of garbage , can be mainly divided into landfill and incineration. Since 1987, resource recovery has been promoted, and the resource recovery rate has been greatly improved. Coupled with the development of diversified waste classification and recycling technologies, the waste treatment policy has changed from incineration and landfill. The end-of-pipe disposal method is adjusted to "reduction at source and resource recovery" as the priority, comprehensively promote the overall waste reduction and resource recovery policies of "zero waste", and hope to establish a "zero waste society" simultaneously with advanced countries.

The Executive Yuan approved the "garbage" "Review and Prospect of Treatment Plan" "Zero Waste" policy goal: After 1996, the waste will not be disposed of in landfills and regional cooperation. Therefore, it is necessary to plan in advance domestic future waste transfer and other related matters.
Additional additions are required for garbage transfer If the garbage can be compressed to reduce its volume, it can reduce the cost of garbage transfer. If it is repackaged, it can also reduce the risk of pollution during transportation. In view of this, the Environmental Protection Agency examined the status of temporary storage and transfer of garbage in Germany and the status of garbage collection and recycling in Rome, Italy, and later introduced the packaging method to Taiwan.

For example, counties and cities such as Taoyuan, Hsinchu, Nantou, Taitung, and Yunlin are facing a garbage crisis. "Garbage packing" has become the latest urgent measure to temporarily relieve the urgent need. The compressed film is packaged into a sealed block for temporary storage. Some counties and cities complained that the central government promised to dispatch The solved check bounced, so that the local can only "pack and keep" the garbage on its own.

Taoyuan is the only one of the six capitals that has an incinerator but has a garbage crisis. The Xinrong Incineration Plant, which has been in operation for 18 years, has seen a huge increase in the amount of garbage after the population of Taoyuan has been upgraded. Coupled with the aging of the incinerator, it has to be shut down every year for maintenance. Unable to load. Taoyuan Environmental Protection Bureau has coordinated with other counties and cities in recent years, but the price has been rising. In addition, during the election period, the counties and cities were conservative in fear of offending public opinion and losing votes.

Outdated and unbalanced incineration plants across Taiwan At present, there are 24 medium and large incineration plants in operation in Taiwan, of which 19 are over 15 years old, and most of them are about to expire. The government is facing both old and disabled Incinerator dilemma. The Environmental Protection Agency should take a comprehensive inventory of the total amount of waste to be treated in the country and the total amount of legal citizen-run treatment facilities, and make arrangements for areas where supply and demand are out of balance.

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