Incinerator bottom slag turned into building materials, the country's first treatment plant opened


Incinerator bottom slag turned into building materials, the country's first treatment plant opened

Tainan Environmental Protection Bureau pioneered in the country and introduced Germany Advanced equipment and technology, the self-built incineration bottom slag treatment plant is put into use. It is estimated that 88,000 metric tons of waste incineration bottom slag can be produced into recycled pellets every year, which can be used as building materials for public works, and can also recover ferrous metals and non-ferrous metals. Iron metal.

The amount of garbage generated by the citizens of Tainan, the incineration plant treats about 500,000 metric tons of garbage every year, and will produce about 70,000 metric tons of incineration bottom slag. The bottom slag was previously entrusted to the private sector for treatment and reuse, and it is not easy to control. Tainan City built its own incineration bottom slag treatment The factory can master the quality and management of the incineration regenerated pellets.

Li Yingyuan, Director of the Environmental Protection Agency: "The government will build a bottom slag treatment plant. Such pellets can be reused. It is used to make bricks or as a filler for the bottom and grassroots of various projects. Everyone can use it with peace of mind. The bottom slag treatment will be eliminated in the future. It's not a problem with quality, it's not a problem, I think it's a demonstration of a circular economy."

The newly built incineration bottom slag treatment plant has introduced German equipment and technology, and built the first domestic system with bouncing screen and multi-channel eddy current, magnetic separation, wind separation and air knife separation, which can recover 90% of ferrous metals and 75% of non-ferrous metals. Metal and 3 kinds of recycled pellets are separated to create the best bottom slag treatment plant in the country.

Li Mengyan, Acting Mayor of Tainan City, said, "If such an example is successful, it can be used as a model and reference for promotion in other counties and cities across the country. Through the opening of the bottom slag plant, Tainan City's environmental protection will be better."

Li Yingyuan, Director of the Environmental Protection Agency: "We encourage local governments to have their own practices, including RTS or mechanical equipment processing plant MT, MBT. We have adopted these designs, and each has its own unique management method."

Tainan City Environmental Protection Bureau said that in the future, the bottom slag will be processed in a one-stop manner from output to treatment to final reuse after processing, and it can also assist other counties and cities to deal with the incineration bottom slag.

Article reproduced: NTDTV Asia Pacific

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