Recycle ”waste wood” to create wooden art


Recycle ”waste wood” to create wooden art

In recent years, environmental awareness has risen, and the government has also vigorously promoted the goal of waste reduction, volume reduction, and zero waste. Therefore, there are wood recyclers who have collected rare 100-year-old junipers and commissioned senior woodworking masters to create pieces of woodworking art. The Taipei City Environmental Protection Bureau has funded the team, and now it will also recycle the discarded furniture.

Jiang Zhiwei: "It is really very difficult to operate a waste wood recycling plant. The key is that the cost is really high. Therefore, there are no more than 10 waste wood factories in Taiwan. The one I am currently in is a The only qualified waste wood factory in Taipei City.”

Abandoned wood is piled up into mountains, and strange hands move it to move the location, just to put the wood recovered from other places into the crusher for mincing, and then use the method of magnetic separation to select the better quality wood and make it into wood chips. Li Bingfeng, a waste wood recycler: "Usually it is this kind of solid wood, or there are many log floors. We just break it up and process it into those fuels, which can then be recycled, or at the beginning, they...I When the staff of the company is doing the processing, they will check it down, this piece is cypress." 

Li Bingfeng, who has been engaged in recycling waste wood for more than 10 years, used waste wood products and waste wood for woodworking and decoration at the beginning of his establishment. In recent years, the statistics of waste wood recycling in 2016 reached 3,600 metric tons, and continued to rise to 4,000 metric tons in 2018. Recycling so much waste wood every year, after Li Bingfeng discussed with the shareholders, he drastically changed the overall management.  

Xiangqiang takes wood chips as its main product and positions it as an auxiliary fuel to expand the market.

Li Bingfeng, a waste wood recycler: "Like these sawdust, it can be processed and made into all kinds of furniture, right, right, right, like some, it's fine, let's look at the powder form, some desks, it It is made of dense board, let us see, this is sawdust powder, which is the waste that is produced and produced.” The finished sawdust is resold to carbon stove manufacturers as a substitute for combustion medium carbon. I feel that in recent years With the rising awareness of environmental protection, the government vigorously promotes waste reduction. With the goal of reducing quantity and zero waste, Li Bingfeng even commissioned the rare 100-year-old juniper to be collected by senior carpenters to create pieces of woodworking art. Like this grapefruit, which is made of juniper through woodworking techniques, exuding a strong aroma of juniper, craftsmanship Art works, as well as these dazzling products, can also be made of cypress wood into foot soaking buckets. Now even unwanted discarded furniture can be remanufactured.  

Jiang Zhiwei: "The furniture recycling factory covers an area of 300 square meters. You can see that these wooden strips are the bed frames used by the athletes of the Universiade at that time in the players' village. Now they have been redesigned and remanufactured by the woodworking masters, and they have become The chair also has this bench and a bookshelf.” The master of the furniture class of the Taipei City Resource Recycling Team dismantled the unwanted wooden furniture into wood first, and then used mechanical equipment to use creativity and ingenuity to design the wooden furniture that the public loves.

 Chen Shixian, a carpenter: "This piece of wood is camphor wood, and it fell down on that typhoon day, so we turned it into a Wenchang pen today, because it would be a pity if it was actually thrown away like this kind of wood.  .” Machines rush to make Wenchang pens, and the waste wood that the public does not want can also be turned into stationery artworks, and the finished wooden furniture has to go through the last coating, and then reorganize other waste furniture to become Practical furniture wooden chair.  

Chen Li-e, leader of the collection team of Taipei Environmental Protection Bureau: "We recycle these waste furniture, how do we remake it." 

Chen Li-e, the head of the collection team of the Taipei Environmental Protection Bureau: "We have a group of carpenters here. They will go and take a look at it. If there is any damage, they will repair it and restore it to its original function, and then we will put it back. Pushing it to the store, now more and more people know that there is recycled furniture, because we use very low prices and no longer make profit, we encourage people to love and cherish things and reuse them.” Environmental Protection Agency It is emphasized that the recycled waste wood can still be used to make all kinds of brand-new furniture after cutting, designing and remanufacturing, especially the cypress material, which has good texture, good texture, environmental protection and practicality, and can be recycled and reused. Do your best to protect the environment and reduce the abuse of tree felling.

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