Suspended Magnetic Separator for Construction Waste Disposal Solution


Suspended Magnetic Separator for Waste Disposal Sorting

Nowadays, urban renewal and construction projects had been generated tons of construction waste, there were 70 million tons of construction waste that had to dispose of in 2019. Since then, the efficiency of waste disposal has become an important topic and the urgency of solutions.

Nian Hung (Sortinger) provide high-quality Suspended Magnetic Separator solution to the construction waste disposal company. The Suspended Magnetic Separator or Over-Belt Magnetic Separator is designed to install above and 90 degrees to the conveyor belt to remove scrap metals from the materials on the moving conveyor.

Roller Magnetic Separator increase waste disposal efficiency

A local construction waste disposal company in Pingtung, had many years of experience in the planning, processing, removing, and recycling of construction waste. The company is currently one of the comprehensive environmental protection and treatment companies in southern Taiwan. During the recycling process of construction waste, the raw materials, including mud, soil, sand, stone, bricks, tiles, and concrete blocks are often mixed with various sizes of iron bars and iron blocks. The company invested in a Suspended Magnetic Separator at the beginning of 2020. To increase the intensive usage of reclaimed soil, the company purchased a Magnetic Roller Separator at the end of the year.

Purchase two sets of magnetic separator machines consecutively from Sortinger

Suspended Magnetic Separator Increase the Value of Soil

With years of experience in delivering sand and gravel industry, Nian Hung deeply understands the diverse needs of industrial and regional necessities. For such a situation with high iron content and large separation particle size, "Far-distance-attraction" is the most suitable solution. First, install a Suspended Magnetic Separator at the feed port to attract larger iron parts; then the materials shall go through a Magnetic Roller Separator to remove smaller tramp iron pieces at the discharge port. Through a distance of 5~10 cm, it is ensured that the iron parts can be sorted without being affected by the accumulation of materials on the conveyor belt, and the purity of the sorted materials is improved. Therefore, the unit price of processed soil has increased, thereby increasing the profits of the clients as well.

Local Services Build Relationship

"Nian Hung's magnetic separation equipment bears a high and accurate sorting rate. The price is rather competitive. What is more, with its head office in Taiwan, we can contact the manufacturer at any time if needed. The technical team can also visit the site to cater to our requirements immediately. These are the key factors that prompted us to place more equipment from Nian Hung, and support Made-In-Taiwan machinery enterprises. It could also assist us to stabilize our existing industrial waste treatment business." The waste disposal company manager mentioned. Sortinger is committed to improving the sorting capacity of each magnetic separation equipment under high-quality sorting.

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