2020 Taipei International Automation Industry Exhibition


2020 Taipei International Automation Industry Exhibition
Exhibition time: August 19-22, 2020
Venue: 4th Floor, Hall 1, Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center
Booth No.: M1401 Exhibition map download
Exhibition introduction:
2020 Automation Exhibition New Generation Technology teamed up with Lianda Smart to demonstrate the "plug and play full start" flexible application solution of robotic arms, including robotic arms with vision, a small number of diverse flexible manufacturing scenarios, production intelligence cloud, and laser applications. . Brothers work together to help customers move towards Industry 4.0, implement the vision of the new generation group, and become the "most trustworthy intelligent partner".

In this exhibition, the technology industry's new product release index platform - "Taipei International Automation Industry Exhibition" (Taipei Automation Exhibition). A total of more than 900 domestic and foreign manufacturers participated in the exhibition, reaching the exhibition connection of Nangang Exhibition Hall 1& 2, and the scale broke through a record high, with a total of more than 3,500 booths, making it the largest industrial type exhibition in China. The exhibition includes industrial core themes such as industrial robotic arms, key components of robotic arms, industrial Internet of Things, industrial automation software, machine vision inspection and AI artificial intelligence. Up to 120 events will be held during the same period, which is expected to attract more than 140,000 visitors. A new record is set again.

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