Situation of waste glass recycling


Situation of waste glass recycling

Taoyuan Mayor Zheng Wencan went to the Yangmei Factory of Chengfeng Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. on the afternoon of June 19 to visit the recycling of waste glass. Mayor Zheng said that Chengfeng Company recycles and recycles waste glass containers into combined floor tiles, permeable bricks and hollow tiles. Bricks and other environmentally friendly building materials have given a new life to glass waste, and more actively implemented corporate social responsibility. So far, the operation has provided free assistance to the municipal government in waste recycling, and dealt with the waste glass produced by the environmental sanitation inspection team in the removal of household garbage. Reduce the amount of municipal waste disposal and give full play to the benefits of resource reuse. Thanks to Chengfeng Company for its efforts and dedication in Taoyuan's real estate industry, the city government will continue to strengthen the investment environment, improve the efficiency of the resource recovery industry, and make concerted efforts for environmental protection.

Chengfeng Company recycles waste glass containers into environmentally friendly building materials such as combined floor tiles, permeable bricks and hollow bricks, giving glass waste a new life and actively implementing corporate social responsibilities.

Zheng Wencan said that Taoyuan City currently has more than 300 Class A and Class B waste disposal sites and waste removal, treatment and resource recovery and disposal companies, the largest number in Taiwan. The level has also increased significantly. The Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau will also actively discuss the feasibility of signing the "Waste Glass Bottle Recycling Project" with Chengfeng Company. In addition, the Environmental Protection Bureau has continued to plan to increase the number of resource recycling sub-categories in the northern area and coastal areas. At that time, Chengfeng Company is also very welcome to actively participate in the bidding in accordance with relevant regulations, so as to enhance the follow-up cooperation opportunities between the two parties.

Zheng Wencan pointed out that the waste glass container is a material that can be completely recycled and reused. Its main component is mainly silicon dioxide, which is the same as ordinary sand and gravel. Jia, which can properly replace part of the sand and gravel that needs to be added to the general road surface and become "glass asphalt". The Public Works Bureau will fully study the feasibility of taking the lead in the full use of recycled aggregates in the aviation city, so that the basic engineering of the aviation city can be seen. Recycled materials are used in environmentally friendly building materials for roads and landscapes.

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