Magnetic Box / Drawer Magnet

Magnetic Box / Drawer Magnet 's Features

1. Magnetic Force on bar surface can reach 13000 Gauss
2. Flanges and ferrules can be designed to be connected to the production line.
3. The tube surface can be processed with teflon and nitriding.
4. Fully welded around, providing a high level of cleanliness.


1. Magnetic Force between 3,000 to 13,000 according to be designed according to customer needs.

2. Pipe Material: SUS304, SUS316 

3. Double Tube Design available for easy cleaning.



Magnetic Component

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Materials Test

Sortinger provides customers with material testing services. There is a complete testing center at our plants. Our design group would further discuss customized planning according to clients’ factory size or material characteristics, to ensure the best and the most suitable solutions for their materials.

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