Metal Detector Machine

Metal Detector Machine 's Features

1. It adopts the balanced principle used in metal detection equipment at Taiwan and abroad, which is stable and reliable, and has better performance.
2. The positioning adjustment technology can adjust the speed in progress and effectively suppress the product effect.
3. The combination of DSP and single-chip microcomputer performs data sample and data prccessing on the detection signal to improve the inspection effect.
4. It can detect a variety of materials such as iron, stainless steel, copper, aluminum and other non-ferrous metals. With memory function, the ranger of detection is expanded.
5. The memory function stores 20 product detection parameters.
6. It is easy to adjust the sensitivity. The detection sensitivity can be achieved by stainless steel SUS Ø1.5mm and iron Fe Ø0.7mm (500mmx200mm window)


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Detection Method Detection Sensitivity Detection Width Alarm Mode Speed Power Supply Power Dimensions Weight
Electromagnetic Induction FeΦ 0.7mm SUSΦ1.5mm (Channel Center) 500 mm Buzzer、Light Pipe 32m/min (50Hz)、40m/min (60Hz) AC220V/380V 50-60HZ 約140W 1500mm(L)x850mm(W)x1000m(H) 約160Kg
SNH Series
Detection Height Detection Sensitivity
80mm FeΦ 0.50mm SUSΦ1.0mm
100mm FeΦ 0.60mm SUSΦ1.2mm
120mm FeΦ 0.65mm SUSΦ1.5mm
150mm FeΦ 0.70mm SUSΦ1.6mm
200mm FeΦ 0.80mm SUSΦ2.0mm

Materials Test

Sortinger provides customers with material testing services. There is a complete testing center at our plants. Our design group would further discuss customized planning according to clients’ factory size or material characteristics, to ensure the best and the most suitable solutions for their materials.

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