Concurred by the Yilan EPB, NianHung started to plan the new Slag Disposal Site for Lize Incinerator.


eddy current separator with hanging magnetic special for incinerator

Magnetic separator is recognized by the resource recycling industry

Concurred by the Environmental Protection Bureau of Yilan County Government, Nian Hung started to plan the new Slag Disposal Site for Lize Incinerator. The Environmental Protection Bureau of Yilan County (EPB) built a Lize incinerator in Lize Industrial Zone in 1996. Occupied an area of 10 hectares, it can deal with the waste disposal capacity about 150,000 to 200,000 tons per year. Over a decade , the incinerator has not specially treated the bottom slag after incineration, so the Environmental Protection Bureau intends to plan a new slag disposal site. The contractor cooperates with Nian Hung to plan the screening and slag recycling equipent after waste incineration.

Eddy current separator with hanging magnetic special for incinerator

After evaluation by NianHung's professional team, the slag recycling production line includes Eddy Current Separators and Suspended Magnetic Separators. These intelligent environmental recycling equipments can first extract ferrous metals by a Suspended Magnetic Separator; then, the Eddy Current Separator can sort out non-ferrous metals. Not only can valuable metals be found from the burning waste, but also the cost of mechanical operation can be greatly reduced. Nian Hung also changed the channel steel to white iron to prevent rust in response to the operating environment of the incinerator.

Mr. Liu, the director mentioned that Nian Hung has successfully done the planning for Huwei and Yilan incinerators. Plus the over 30-year-experience company own a large market share and reputation in Taiwan. He is especially impressed by Nian Hung ‘s consulting expertise before the trading and the after-sale services. Originally, the EPB was interested in purchasing related equipments from overseas, but after the Secretary of Environmental Protection visited Nian Hung's factory and discussion from two parties, they were also willing to concur the recycling and sorting equipment which are 100% MIT (made in Taiwan).

This case has successfully demonstrated how incinerator waste can be recycled and reused efficiently and intelligently. Nian Hung's intelligent environmental recycling solution can save production and labor costs at the same time, and quickly recover equipment investment costs. What is more, it also solves the issue of not able to communicate with foreign manufacturers due to the pandemic limitation.

The manufacturing strength of the magnetic separator is well-recognized by the resource recycling industry, and contractors are strongly invited to make joint planning.

With more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing recycling and sorting machines, the quality of Sortinger Magnetic M.I.T is comparable to that of European and American brands.

Taking into account the special environment of the incinerator, tailor-made special specifications eddy current separator, overhead magnetic separator.

Deducting a new model of circular economy for resource recovery in Yilan County with the specialty of metal sorting technology.

Vertical magnetic separator at the bottom slag treatment site.

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