Belt Conveyor Magnetic Separator

Belt Conveyor Magnetic Separator 's Features

  • 1. Two models available :

    • .Model TNH-600-3K :
      Magnetic force 3000 Gauss which is applicable for removing black iron in raw materials.
    • .Model TNH-900-16K :
      Magnetic force 16000 Gauss which is applicable for removing stainless steel in raw materials.
  • 2. Simple operation and rolls for easy relocation

  • 3. Only motor power is required

  • 4. In material handling, with vibration feeder provides stable feed rate which can increase the sorting efficiency


  • 1. Standard model equipped with wear protection wipe.

  • 2. With the core magnetism from permanent magnetic, the highest magnetic force of this magnetic separators can reach 17,000 Gauss.

  • 3. Customization of the magnetic separators machine to meet the needs of customer.

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TNH Series
Model Magnetic Force
Body Dimensions (mm) Belt Speed(m/min) Power Output 
L W1 W2 H Belt Width
TNH-500 3000


2000 700 730 700 500 20~40(Variable) 0.75 560
TNH-700 900 930 800 700 580
TNH-900 1100 1130 1000 900 680

Machine operation

Belt Conveyor Magnetic Separator


stainless steel separator from silica sand and tiny iron sand (glass material)

Stainless Steel Separation|Silica Sand and tiny Iron Sand (Glass Material)|Sortinger

stainless steel separator from silica sand & micro iron powder

Stainless Steel Separation|Silica Sand & micro Iron Powder|Sortinger

stainless steel separator from shredded woods

Stainless Steel Separation|Shredded Woods and Stainless Steel|Sortinger

stainless steel separator from scrapes and plastic granules

Stainless Steel Separation|Stainless Steel Scrapes and Plastic Granules|Sortinger

stainless steel separator for sort stainless steel and iron material from shredded waste

Stainless Steel Separation|Sort Stainless Steel and Iron Material from Shredded waste|Sortinger

stainless steel separator from silica and iron sand

Stainless Steel Separation|Silica & Iron Sand|Sortinger

stainless steel separator from copper

Stainless Steel Separation|Copper and Stainless Steel|Sortinger

magnetic conveyor separator for silica and iron powder

Magnetic Conveyor Separation |Silica and Iron Powder|Sortinger

Vertical Magnetic Separation & Stainless Steel Separation|Iron & Stainless steel from cement materials

Vertical Magnetic Separation & Stainless Steel Separation|Iron & Stainless steel from cement materials



Belt Conveyor Magnetic Separation Machine Stainless Steel Sorting Machine

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Materials Test

Sortinger provides customers with material testing services. There is a complete testing center at our plants. Our design group would further discuss customized planning according to clients’ factory size or material characteristics, to ensure the best and the most suitable solutions for their materials.

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