Not only are we rich in manufacturing experience, we are also happy to share


Not only are we rich in manufacturing experience, we are also happy to share

Nian Hung is an expert in magnets and magnetic separators for more than 30 years. We are specializing in various types of magnetic separator to assist multi-industries to improve the purity of raw materials, reduce the risk of mechanical damage as well as reduce costs in terms of cost and time. For food manufacturers, mechanical processing in the factory production process may cause fine iron contaminants in the raw materials. Nian Hung's magnetic separator and metal detection system can effectively eliminate ferrous metals, from the detection of incoming raw materials to the final product packaging.

A famous food chain company has a long-term cooperation with Nian Hung. Our magnetic components are installed in their several plants around Taiwan. Magnetic components are grate magnet, magnetic box and magnetic bar, which can effectively attract and detect very fine tramp ferrous contaminants in the raw production line. Nian Hung Magnetic components are available in different shapes and style, such as double tube grate magnet, pneumatic magnetic box, tear-shape magnetic bar, etc. The customized design can not only improve work efficiency, but also the brand reputation protector.

With times of cooperation experience, the chain food company also strongly invites Nian Hung's technicans to its factories and give lectures for the production and technical departments. Topics includes magnet-related knowledge, magnet component repairments and maintenance, as well as how to measure the Gauss value of the magnetic bars, etc. The organizer said that the participants responded enthusiastically and appreciate Nian Hung's. With a step futher understanding, relevant management show interests in purchasing more equipment from Nian Hung to other plants.

Nianhong is an expert in magnets and magnetic separators with more than 30 years of experience. In addition to professional manufacturing experience, we are also happy to share ourselves. As the reputation protector of various brands, we also defend our customers' market competitiveness.

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Sortinger's main products can be divided into two types: magnetic sorting equipment and peripheral equipment. Main product metal separator series equipment on magnetic field such as magnetic box and various types of high intensity iron sorting device

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